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Doppel-Linsen-System 9G-X2

9Glens® Medical Limited 9G-X2 System is a double Intraocular lens system for patients with Macular Disease.


The 9Glens® Medical Limited 9G-X2 system is used to solve vision problems in patients with cataract and low vision resulting from serious macular disease (AMD- advanced age-related macular degeneration - or similar macular diseases).


The 9G-X2 system is based on the implantation of two IOLs, which provides a magnified image giving people with macular disease an improvement in their vision.

The 9G-X2 System consists of 2 IOLs, a high minus power biconcave IOL in the capsular bag, and a high plus power biconvex IOL in the anterior chamber. This system reproduces a Galilean Telescope providing a magnification of the image.

Following standard phacoemulsification (as done for cataract surgery), a biconcave intraocular lens is placed within the capsular bag, effectively acting as the ocular piece of a telescope; and a biconvex lens is placed in front of the iris in the anterior chamber, acting as the objective lens in a telescope.

Both lenses are made from medical grade polymethylmethacrylate, and incorporate a blue light filter to further preserve the macula.

Double Intraocular Lens System / 9G-X2 System
  PL13 AL11 AL12 AL13
Material PMMA with Blue filter
Optic 5mm
Length 13.0mm 11.0mm 12.0mm 13.0mm
Haptics C Z
Angulation 10°
Power -64.0 D +53,0 bis +63,0 in 2 D Schritten
Chamber Posterior Anterior



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