Intra Ocular Lenses
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  • 9G-1CF60
  • 9G-1CY60
  • 9G-1ASCX60
  • 9G-X2
  • 9G-X2
  • 9G-Endo Capsular Ring
Viscoelastic Solutions
  • 1.0% Sodium Hyaluronate
  • 1.4% Sodium Hyaluronate
  • 1.6% Sodium Hyaluronate
  • 1.8% Sodium Hyaluronate
  • 3.0% Sodium Hyaluronate
  • HPMC 2.0%
  • HPMC 2.4%
  • Comport
  • Comport Trimo
  • Knee Gel intra-articular
  • Knee Gel intra-articular
IntraOcular Lens 9G-1ASCX60

360° square edge
Easy injection with controlled unfolding in the eye

The 9G-1ASCX60 intraocular lens is an acrylic implant designed to be placed inside the capsular bag and is suitable for replacing the crystalline lens in the surgical correction of aphakia.
9Glens® Medical Ltd aspheric hydrophilic intraocular lenses are made from Benz Research & Development Inc's patented HEMA material “Benz Natural Yellow IOL25” with a refractive index of 1.4620.
This IOL material provides excellent natural protection while allowing maximum blue light transmission improving contrast sensitivity in low light conditions.
This patented material incorporates the same UV-A blocking and violet light filtering chromophore that is in the human crystalline lens.

Technical specification
Optic Design:
Optic Size:
Overall Length:
Haptic Style:

Refractive Index:

Water Content:
"A" Constant (est):
ACD (est):
6.0 mm
10.75 mm
Fenestrated Plate

-5.0D - +40.0D in 1D steps
+12.0D - +25.0D in 0.5D steps
20°C Wet 1.462 ± 0.002
35°C Wet 1.462 ± 0.002
20°C Dry 1.509 ± 0.002
35°C Dry 1.509 ± 0.002
UV & Natural Blue Light Filter
Opt: 118       U/S: 117.3

Your Guarantee:
9Glens® Medical Ltd lenses are manufactured using a biocompatible acrylic hydrophilic copolymer material (HEMA) with an UV filter incorporated.
This material offers properties of increased foldability, which enables the lens to be inserted through a small incision, which thereby eliminates any risk of astigmatism and provides fast and stable post-op recovery of sight.
9Glens® Medical Ltd intraocular lenses unfold in the eye in a gradual and controlled manner.


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